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Non-food crops could feed 4 billion.

The story at SciDevNet

“Global calorie availability could be increased by as much as 70 per cent — feeding an additional 4 billion people — by shifting cropland use to produce food for humans rather than livestock feed and biofuels, according to new research.”
Meat of the Issue, chapter 26:
“Without the range of subsidies that come straight from our (vegetarian and carnivorous) pockets anyway, the price of animal products and meat would rise to a price reflecting the real cost of production, substantially increasing the price. Meat consumption would reduce to the level of an occasional foodstuff rather than being the mainstay of many diets. That primary position(of meat in our diet) was attained but a few generations ago due to state support, does not prevail in most of the world today, and never can without the accompaniment of widespread hunger, as other mammals feed at our own primary food source. This is further aggravated by today’s strange practice of growing food for cars rather than people, with biofuel production now taking up millions of hectares worldwide and consuming 40 percent of the North American corn harvest. How can anyone have the nerve to suggest that there is not enough land to feed the planet sustainably when they can still find the space to grow food for automobiles?”

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