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What is wrong with our culture? Alan Watts

Alan Watts saw where our culture was headed many years ago, expressing it well in this rich and comprehensive five minute video. He sums up the journey with a point that I have always thought baffling, and  somewhat sinister. I had a few words to say about it in The State Is Out Of Date.

Chapter 17 extract:
“Sex, our primary means of producing children, is another arena in which the state thinks it necessary to protect us from ourselves. Whether in print, film, the market, or the bedrooms of consenting adults, sex is regulated the world over by laws deemed to be for our own good. Many authors have been jailed and censured for writing about the joys of the basic natural mechanism that ensures the survival of our species. A similar fate has met publishers, filmmakers, and performers seeking to include sex in their subject matter.  Conversely, those human acts that damage our species can be freely written about, or portrayed in print or films that graphically depict murder, injury, and destruction. What is so wrong with sex, that the depiction of it in print or film must be so controlled by law? Is it not curious that “sex and violence” are so often joined together when people are in a condemning mood, considering the opposite ends of the spectrum at which they exist? One creates life and the other destroys it.”

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