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Oh what an unnecessary war!

Our Western governments continue to fuel the war in Syria that brings refugees to our shores. There would be no “revolution” in Syria were we not backing it, and unless we withdraw support for anti-Assad forces the whole of Syria will become part of the Islamic State. This week, another elite unit trained and armed by the US defects to the Islamic fighters immediately after being sent out to battle with a full complement of military transport and munitions.
From The New American:
After two months of U.S. military training in Turkey from the Obama administration’s Pentagon, the first group of 70 “moderate” Syrian rebels crossed into Syria this week — and promptly handed all of their U.S. weapons and equipment to al-Qaeda’s local affiliate known as Jabhat al-Nusra. Citing a “raft of sources,” the U.K. Telegraph reported that Obama’s latest batch of “moderate” rebels, dubbed “Division 30,” immediately “betrayed” their U.S. government backers upon re-entering Syria. While the embarrassing situation is being framed in most of the press as an “accident” or blunder of some sort, it is hardly the first time, and recent calls by senior U.S. globalists to form an alliance with al-Qaeda in Syria might offer a more plausible explanation. Either way, critics say it has become beyond clear that Obama’s supposed strategy in Syria is in reality a recipe for even more death and destruction. Click here to read full report

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