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It did not start with Donald Trump

This did not start with Donald Trump. It is good that he is barefaced and honest enough for people’s eyes to snap right open and realise where we have come to. The world reacts in anger as millions take to the streets to protest at his temporary ban on immigration from seven nations. That the previous president was already bombing Muslims in seven nations had somehow been acceptable. Surely bombing people is as bad as banning them. The groundwork for Trump’s ban had been put into place before he came to power, in the Terrorist Travel Prevention Act of 2015 . To paraphrase Isaac Newton – If Trump has oppressed further than others it is because he is standing on the shoulders of tyrants.
It is not only the leader but also the system that oppresses, with a militarized police force, tyrannical application of laws and the criminalization of countless activities that have no victims. Sure, citizens have the right to vote for who is going to rule the system, but with that choice limited to different flavors of shite even an educated socially thoughtful majority are going to make a crap choice.
Many Americans had lost so much faith in the status quo that they wanted to vote against it, whatever the alternative. Many Trump voters would have been just as happy voting for his polar opposite, the humble and perceptive Bernie Sanders. They realized something had gone very wrong with their beloved nation and responded by jumping out of the pot they knew and despised, not caring if that might mean landing in an unfamiliar frying pan.
Those Trumpophobes who wanted to stick with the status quo (the devil you know) are in a shocked state of disbelief. The vulgar and insensitive character of the new president has activated them. They are like the frog in a pot that was being heated so slowly it was unaware of its own imminent demise. Trump’s election was a sudden leap in temperature, shifting from a very dark situation they had come to regard as normal, to what looks like an even darker shade of dark.
But just how dark does it have to flipping get? We know that our leaders did not give a damn whether or not WMD’s were in Iraq – they wanted war. They didn’t care about the people of Libya – they wanted a bombing spree. They fanned the flames of conflict in Syria, not for the people – they wanted war. Next in line was (or is) Iran, a beautiful nation of 77 million with a modern culture that functions better than many world nations who are allies of ours. Ditto for Syria and Libya not long ago. There are countless sub-plots to it all that involve oil-based currency plans, pipeline routes, oil, droughts, religions, bankers, et al. And the poster child of it all is the evil Islamic State, itself spawned by the heavy-handed activities of the so-called leader of the free world.
The problem with democracy, as we have just seen, is that anybody can win the popularity contest. Many world leaders, including Adolf Hitler, used and then abused the democratic system. The difficulty with government, democratic or otherwise, is that its natural tendency is to grow as long as society (it’s prey, you could say) is producing enough wealth to support it.
America currently creates more wealth than any other nation in the world. Its state is overgrown and its military budget surpasses that of the world’s next eight big spenders combined. A third of tax revenues go directly to the military (including veteran benefits). The real figure, including security agencies, private contractors, caring for the disabled, could take this far higher. At 20 a day, Veteran suicides grossly outnumber combat deaths, though do not figure as a cost or war.
Americans, immensely proud of being the strongest nation in the world, seem oblivious to the fact that such a mighty military force is not content to be sitting on its collective ass all day. It’s got a million and a half willing combatants trained to kill and equipped with the most sophisticated and powerful killing technology on the planet. Can you really think they are not going to be finding reasons to put all this practice and hardware into play? And if they cannot find a reason they can manufacture one.
In Europe and America our rulers and the status quo over which they preside (or under which they thrive) have been complicit in actions that have and continue to result in the death and injury of hundreds of thousands and the displacement of millions, the destruction of ancient monuments, homes and modern cities, the proliferation of weapons in the region, and massive profits for Western “defense” industries. To our own doorstep their actions have brought the relatively minor inconvenience of a refugee crisis and occasional acts of terrorism. We are feared and hated in many parts of the world, an understandable response to the wanton destruction being funded by our taxes.
The new president is such an obnoxious character that it is tempting to blame him for things which have been part of the scene for many years, such as police violence and the stripping of human rights that began with the Patriot Act. Fair play to Trumpophobes for hating him but don’t for a moment pretend that things were idyllic before him. He is just the new and uglier face of a government they support; a body to which they have already sacrificed their rights, complacent that the state knows who they know, what they watch and like, what they say, write, and buy. Our states have granted themselves the right to tap into everything we do, in order to protect us from a threat that has arisen as a result of their activities on the world stage. This is not something Trump set up. This is the apparatus of a police state, far more invasive even than the notorious Stasi of former East Germany. It was something to be concerned about long before the Donald.
With talk of measures to ban so-called “fake news,” any views diverging from the official propaganda line could soon become prosecutable. And if Trump is the evil demagogue that many fear, he will now have the power to quickly identify and shut down dissenting views, expunging any remaining semblance of democracy from the system. It has been an ever-reducing commodity of late.
Trump and Hillary are just different shades of darkness. We cannot know where she would have taken us, but her track record would suggest more war and pipelines, less rights and freedoms. Barack Obama may have seemed ‘white’ by comparison to those two, but still we saw bombings and domestic surveillance soar on his watch. He may not have banned Muslims but he sure bombed them. This is the so-called democracy that the American state now administers, setting a standard for the free world.
After this, can anybody still believe that the democratic process is going to make it all right, by getting a decent honest man into the White House? Many thought Obama to be that man, though with a barrelful of rotten apples it is optimistic to believe that we can throw an unblemished one into the pile that will un-rot all the others. Yet many keep hoping for this magic apple.
As long as we believe that the road to peace is paved with rules and regulations enforced by police and military we will continue to see conflict in the world. We are more suited to living together than to killing each other, with peace being an easier and more natural state than war. We are not all born with sin in our hearts because of what Eve did. There is another way and we have countless instances where we govern from the bottom up and do an excellent job, without even thinking about it. It is time to consider whether we are truly in need of a nuclear umbrella to protect us and countless politicians and bureaucrats to regulate us. However much power rests in the state’s hands, when it comes right down to it their existence depends upon our belief in a need for their control. Can we do it ourselves? You bet we can.
Warning: book plug approaching: I wrote this blog in the hope of converting Trumpophobes to ‘Stateophobes,’ or freedom lovers as I prefer to put it. We must pin the tail on the donkey and not its rider. Were Donald Trump removed from power next month the world would not return to some idyllic state without wars, onerous travel restrictions, racial tensions and sexist behavior. Government would still be corrupt and/or in the pockets of corporations, the military, and bankers. Wealth would still transfer from the many to the one percent.
Ah yes, the book. It is one thing to point out the flawed nature of this system. What we can do about it and how we can do it and why we need to do it is the subject of my book, The State Is Out Of Date, We Can Do It Better.
More information and chapter briefs on my website. It’s positive, not paranoid.
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20 thoughts on “It did not start with Donald Trump”

  1. Thank you! For articulating what I (due to my lack of skill with vocabulary) could not. This articles perfectly puts my thoughts on this subject into words. (Apart from the light/white good vs dark bad analogy which has controversially negative connotations)
    Thank you! ✌️

  2. Hello, today is my first time reading your blog. Very thoughtful, interesting and well done. Thank you.

  3. OK well it was a good read and agree for the most part but my question is when does it stop?
    The greed, the war the lies the cover up’s..Who do we the people hold accountable? Ourselves maybe for allowing it to get this bad and being so blind for so long. I just feel the older I’ve gotten and the more I have paid attention to politicians the more lies and killing there is.
    Every human being has the right to be free and pursue and live a happy existence and our country has been founded not on this but on the backs and lives of countless slaves and native Americans. This country was founded on war and we wonder why it still exists and continues? We need to keep every politician and congressmen at arm’s length and ask why?
    How can we do better as the so called leader of the free world.

  4. A breath of fresh air in an otherwise stale medium of scaremongering and hateful speech. At last some truth!

  5. A very refreshing read. Thank you. Indeed, we are trapped in a false dichotomy of a red vs blue conditioned paradigm. So long as they have us squabbling within the parameters of debate they have laid out for us, re-hashing the same tired arguments, then they can continue with their agendas. The only silver lining I see with The Trump effect is that it brings a lot of hypocrisy to the surface which undermines and discredits the left vs right illusion. He is a bull in a china shop and perhaps he is the necessary evil which will finally bring it all crashing down with him at the bottom of the rubble. We are living in odious times. May the spotlight finally shine on the sinister cabal which has sacrificed the Middle East to advance its insidious agenda.

  6. The choice was the TPP, the NWO, i.e., one world government guaranteed to turn oppressive, probably a combine of Huxley/Orwell, or Trump. Abrupt changes in direction always leave passengers scattered on the floor, e.g., the American Revolution, or on the darker side, the Wall Street Bankster backed Russian Revolution and rise of the Third Reich. You seem to espouse paranoia, I believe in pronoia.
    Trump may have a huge ego but he doesn’t need to get rich or become powerful: he already is. All he needs is to become the best president since George Washington — no, not Abe Lincoln (read Thomas DiLorenzo’s “The Real Lincoln”); no, not FDR (read Garet Garrett’s “The American Story,” free PDF on Mises) — and his powerful ambition might just make that possible.
    America was corrupted, largely thanks to Alexander Hamilton, from the start. It’s time to complete the American Revolution and realize the enlightened words of Thomas Jefferson. Contrary to most people’s beliefs, Trump might just be the one to do it, or at least open the door for someone else to follow. I liked Ron Paul, but Paul wasn’t a street fighter and got hammered — Trump knows how to kick butt, and it’s about time.

  7. Good Greg YOU are expressing a truth known by many .WE are all suffering frogs. It;s salutary to see the naked face of Capitalist Control. Donald is doing what he said and we all now need to do what we say too. Change the system from the bottom up . Decentralise power make it accountable in smaller communities, democracy works best at a local level.
    Redistribution of power, go off grid, go green, get clean NRG< live the paradigm shift . Only one planet . Lets love it and save ourselves. Go Ghandi just stop playing their game.
    Excellent new website!

  8. You are a very original thinker Greg, I learn something new every time I contact you, and I find myself agreeing with you, with the usual reservations, i.e. how do we start to bring radical change about?
    Your pal David

  9. Exactly!!! One good thing the election of Trump has done is to get the Left listening to it’s base again. The Dems have been since Bill Clinton basically pro choice Republicans!
    BTW Just downloaded your book!!!!

  10. The violence and chaos and now angry media complicit in helping previous administrations doesn’t add up to me that Trump is just ‘one of them’.
    Is that part of trying to sneak more corruption in under the radar? Nothing is under the radar with Trump in office.
    The world knows when he flosses his teeth. This summation just doesn’t quite make sense to me based on the medias full out assault on Trump.

  11. Vieta Shroff Oliver

    Wow! What a well thought and eloquent blog. So true too. I think your book is one of the most important books of our age and I hope it is widely read by politicians and people governed by them. May be then we will wake up and change ourselves, our thoughts and our actions. Thank you Greg, I’ll send this on to many.

  12. Excellent read. I’m wondering how we get off the merry-go-round? Having spent much of the previous century oppressing, offending, and bombing so many, while collecting more and more “enemies” that despise the USA, there are many who will claim the we’ve passed some point of no return, and that our huge military is now essential for protecting us from those who seek justice or retribution. How do we end the madness?

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