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Sun vs Bible – 90 second nugget

Here be my next Nugget in a Nutshell – 90 juicy seconds.
Divine Sun – Did the Bible get it wrong?  – just click it
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This review from Paul Bazeley is not untypical:
“This is a wonderful book. Not new agey or flakey at all. It presents its arguments with real scientific and philosophical rigour. I have to say that I was so sceptical when I read the blurb that I felt it would be a tall order to convince me of its central premise. But by the end, I felt that a lot of things were possible in the Universe that I hadn’t considered before. I liked it’s subversive and lateral thinking and also it’s humorous cheekiness. It really makes you look at the world slightly differently, and I think that, whether you agree with his conclusions or not, that is always a good thing.”

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