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Why the Western diet sucks

Raising the popular consciousness on food was the primary driving force in my life from the age of 19, when a quirk of fate led me through a series of companies that were the first to offer organically grown natural food products to the British public. My focus was always to accentuate the positive – the greater flavour, satisfaction and vitality of a plant-based diet based on unrefined traditional staples, with seasonal vegetable foods. It was cheaper too. More detail about that activity is on my website.

It was clear, even in 1967/8, that our governments were implicit in the introduction of the factory farm and chemically supported agriculture. In the 1970’s the veil was lifted from my eyes when I learned about the fundamental nature of the state, understanding why they make a mess of things that we could do much better. Yeah, I wrote a book about that one.

So it is most heartening to see aspects of both those interests combined in this illuminating article from the well-respected American Institute for Economic Research.

Why Unhealthy Food Is Cheap and Plentiful

Every health nut will tell you the reason why the US food market is such a mess. It’s fast food and corporate farming. We need to get back to local food and organics, they say. And no processed foods ever.

Let’s look more closely, based on an experience I had just today.

The waiter in this airport bar walked by carrying huge plates of food, piled high with fries and burgers on puffy golden buns…


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5 thoughts on “Why the Western diet sucks”

  1. Alan McThredder

    Hi Greg,
    So glad to read your web site and see you firing, as always, on all cylinders. I look back on my years with you and Craig in Ceres and Harmony Foods with tremendous appreciation for both of your guidance and help. I still start my days with muesli and fruit and make my own organic wholewheat (not allowed to say that in UK any more because of the Trading standards people) bread; never eat rice unless it’s organic – and the proper colour of course. Not quite a vegetarian yet as every attempt is thwarted by a maniacal desire to eat steak, but I will persevere. Will never manage to become Macrobiotic because I worked with so many of them over the years and their farts were very much an issue! (Don’t mean to be disrespectful to anyone)
    Always challenging and inventive. May your gOd go with you at all times.
    Alan Thredder. xx

    1. Thanks for your update Alan, and your refection on times with us on the front line. Good to hear you are still eating consciously, and I have good memories of your contributions to the effort.

  2. D is for Debacle – The Crucial Story of Vitamin D and Human Health, Ivor Cummins, 10 Dec 2014 [82 mins]

    Regards John

    1. Sorry but cannot help. WordPress has a mind of its own and the link you included in your mail is spam, which is very strange.

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