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As Evil Regime Collapses What Hope For Britain?

“A massive bribery scheme to buy the loyalty of Far-Right Northern Irish lawmakers and the support of pariah state Saudi Arabia are now all that keep the embattled autocrat in her Downing Street base.”

Propaganda is a powerful tool.
We get massive and biased coverage of popular rioting in Middle East and Latin American nations that are not our allies. We get light non-judgemental coverage of massive riots across France every week, recent protests in Italy, and the ongoing brutal oppression of a freedom movement in Spain.

BRASIL WIRE gave us a brilliant taste of how Britain might look if the tables were turned (written 2017 and still spot on).

“Following a disastrous and disputed General election in which she could not secure a democratic mandate, the United Kingdom’s increasingly unpopular authoritarian leader, Theresa May, has resorted to side-stepping the constitution to protect her deeply corrupt and weakened regime…

Previously Home Secretary, the hardline May, who came into politics on a fierce anti-homosexuality platform, drew international condemnation with her order for the UK’s vast and sinister intelligence services to begin warrantless mass surveillance of opposition groups and activists, as well as her Police Forces’ violent repression of peaceful opposition protesters”

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