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State Stripped Bare – 90 sec nugget

Released at last!
90 second extract from Preface to The State Is Out Of Date, spoken by the author and mixed to music by Youth, musician and producer extraordinaire!
This was a joint  pilot project with Youth five years ago, with a view to creating a fabulous multi-media DVD of my book. Unfortunately it turns out that music behind words are anathema to my publisher so we could not progress. We did the whole preface, and there could well be a few more juicy extracts to come.
SO this is its Premiere, and also my first home-made YouTube video.
I hope you enjoy.

Nuggets in a Nutshell: State Stripped Bare – Priorities

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1 thought on “State Stripped Bare – 90 sec nugget”

  1. We need more info on how governments and Big Tech/Med are socially engineering everything we do today.. it’s getting worse and more voices need to be heard…..
    CZI and neural mind controlling networks coming
    SMART technologies including Alexa, Siris and other….
    The Future looks cyber satanic and that is a worry for me who has a 16 year old daughter

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