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Tuning Into Planet Earth

We know that birds, sea turtles, others animals and even bacteria can tune into Earth’s magnetic field in order to navigate their way around. Sea turtles return to their birthplace after travelling thousands of miles and taking years to mature. We now discover that some humans have the capacity to tune into this field as well. One has to wonder whether ancient ancestors of ours might have tuned into this, their own hardwired satnav. If you’ve read my books, you will know that I suggest that the magnetic fields of Earth and Sun harbour the minds of those two living entities. If so this facility we share with sea-turtles could be seen as a meeting of minds.

Scientists Find Evidence That Your Brain Can Sense Earth’s Magnetic Field

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3 thoughts on “Tuning Into Planet Earth”

  1. Our dad used to show off to his friends at UCLA by blindfolding me and then spinning me around and saying ‘Point to north’. I would get it right and they’d be amazed. Still manage to get lost in 18 acres of woodland though, so not up to migratory turtle standards

    1. Sheesh – I had just been born then, so his technique had degraded by the time we moved to London. I recall how he used to take us to Hyde Park, let us watch as he threw an old English penny far as he could, then spin us around and see if we could find it, and be rewarded with it of course. That’s capitalism for you!
      And one penny used to buy me 16 chickpea-sized aniseed balls

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