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My last blog highlighted the negative health effects of avoiding sunlight, with just a few words on the possibility that ingredients in sunscreens might be harmful. It seems they well could be.

Of the 16 sun-blocking ingredients allowed in sunscreen manufacture, two have recently been passed as safe and effective, two have been banned, and the safety of the remaining 12 has been called into question.

One of the most commonly used ingredients, oxybenzone, has been found in breast milk, blood, and in the urine of 97% of 2500 US citizens tested. It is suspected of being a hormone disruptor with possible carcinogenic properties but neither it nor the other chemicals have had very much research into factors other than their ability to block sunlight.

Given the size and strength of the sunscreen/sunblock industry, it is likely that these questionable ingredients will continue to be used until conclusive testing proves them harmful, which could take time. Do you want to wait for this and wonder?

The two ingredients declared safe and effective are zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Safe sunscreens are on sale based on one or the other of these. If you do need to keep sunlight away from your skin, then I suggest you consider switching. Read the labels. It’s easy.

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