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Brexit – pissed perspective

If Brexit does happen there will be a lot of very pissed off people, many of them badly affected by the changes that follow. If Brexit does not happen there will be a lot of very pissed off people who have lost all faith in so-called democracy. Ever since the vote both sides have been pissed off with the other side – for making them pissed off.

You might think politicians would be concerned by this public foment but, of course, this is their world, sitting on opposite sides of Parliament constantly battling each others fixed opinions.  Why should they be concerned when their actions stimulate us to emulate their divisive behaviour? This is what they do, and like generals in a real war, they have never felt more alive and relevant.

So before we hate each other to death, pause for a moment to consider how it is that the entire problem being faced arises as a result of  political constructs and not from any problems that people, you and me, would have dealing with each other, regardless of what nation or continent we live upon.

There is nothing wrong with the relationships between people and companies, from Poland to Portugal, from Britain to Bulgaria, and no walls or fences separating them, well not many until the recent flood of refugees.  All the genuine difficulties we bemoan are caused not by people interactions but by rulers of different nations who have different attitudes on how they gather up our money in taxes, what they do with that money, and how they regulate our lives from cradle to grave. Re-adjustments to that status quo will not be smooth because they are not fluid factors naturally responding to our needs and desires, but dictates from a disconnected state. Bumps ahead for our culture and rocky hills for some.

Brexit will already have had negative consequences for some and will impact upon more when, and if, it does happen. And for many the consequences will be positive. And it may never happen, despite the blond man’s blustering confidence. Either way, taking a global perspective, as might the billions living in China, South America, Africa, Russia, India, Japan, the USA and many elsewheres, this Brexit saga is a far-removed and temporary boil on the world stage, paling by comparison to many of the major problems facing Europe and the rest of the world. Will indigenous tribes in the Amazon or the students in Hong Kong worry about it? Will it melt more glaciers or start more fires? Will it trigger war with Iran? Disconnecting from the EU is not an existential problem. Our disconnect from the planet is.

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