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Covid-19 – Has James Bond failed us? March, 2020

It feels like we are in a James Bond movie where Dr. Evilirus manages to terminate 007 before he could grab the vial of virus and foil the Doctor’s world domination plan. Once we are all locked down in our homes with military roaming the streets Dr. Evilirus appears simultaneously on the screens of all our devices to tell us how wonderful life will be under the new One World Overlord. All our banks have collapsed and the evil doctor knows everything there is to know about every one of us that uses a computer, tablet or smartphone. Resistance is futile.

The virus is upon us and its worst consequences are created by our fear of it and expectation that the state protect us completely from the pandemic. Perhaps we would be better off to cautiously let this rip through the world and be over it. Whatever harm Covid-19 ends up dealing us will be multiplied several times over by the damage caused by government measures taken to protect us from it. It seems like the cure is designed to kill the patient.

Twenty years ago how many of us had ever heard of the 1918 Spanish Flu? We knew of the terrible First World War, deaths in the trenches and poison gas. Scars were imposed upon our culture and the maps of the world. But flu? In one year it killed an estimated 50 million (estimates vary), over twice the lives lost in that world war, but left no scars in the memory of humankind. It was a naturally arising virus that was caught by a third of the world’s population. Approximately 2-3% of those infected died, while over 97 in a 100 survived. That is the average with typical ranges from 0.5% to 5%. Japan and China were at the bottom levels while Fiji lost 5% of its total population, with just 95 in a 100 surviving.

We are not sure where Covid-19 came from and whether it could mutate, as did the Spanish Flu which came in two waves, then disappeared. Covid-19 may well have originated in China’s only lab authorised to work with high-level dangerous pathogens, the Wuhan Center for Disease Control (WHCDC). A convoluted theory is out there that it originated in a US lab. The wild bat theory falls apart since the carrier species of bat is not sold for meat in the market and the nearest colony is 600 miles away. Those bats are kept in the lab, however, for use in its virus research. There are just over fifty such labs worldwide and, as with nuclear power stations, the risks are immense and therefore the security is very high. But on rare occasions accidents can happen.

So this could well have been an accident, but in today’s well-manipulated world we should at least consider the possibility of purpose. Yes Dr. Evilirus we are onto you! If it was a pre-planned event then one would look for the beneficiaries of such a global catastrophe. First let us flashback to 2008, when catastrophic failure of the global financial system was faced. At the time bank and government chiefs who were working through the night called their wives from the bathroom telling them to pull their max out of cash machines before it all crumbled. Then, by the morning they had managed to sell our futures to the central bankers in exchange for kicking the problem downstream.

We’ve been paddling downstream ever since, knowing that eventually 2008 would revisit a world economy stretched to the limits. Seeing this as imminent and rather than let it all fall apart in a ragged unpredictable mess, far better to implement a sudden controlled demolition of the world economy. By shutting down the world’s major industries, destroying jobs, devaluing savings and investments, those unseen powers can oversee the collapse of their financial house of cards while dodging the attendant blame.  They can also insulate their own substantial financial, industrial, agricultural and pharmaceutical interests across the globe, selling stocks at the peak and mopping up at the bottom. Big Pharma gains strong ammunition behind their drive to vaccinate every human being on the planet, protecting the lives of 1% to enrich the lives of another 1%.

Nobody will be blaming bankers or oligarchs for their immoral and often mendacious activity or governments for flushing our taxes down the toilet of war, corruption, and wasteful bureaucracy. We were brought down by a fucking bug!

Yet that bug’s ancestor in 1918, with a far higher fatality rate than Covid-19 caused little financial distress worldwide. People were careful and where they were not, particularly in indigenous communities, infections and deaths were higher.  Most businesses and shops kept functioning, sometimes with limited hours. People played ball games, sometimes against the rules, and newspapers gave it passing coverage. At the time it was clearly stressful but it was over quickly and disappeared from the scene entirely, through no action of ours. Neighbouring cities St Paul and Minneapolis had different policies, with containment through isolation prominent in St Paul, while Minneapolis was more open, so suspect cases could go visit their doctors, but in a tram with all the windows open. There were twice as many cases per capita in Minneapolis as St Paul, with a death rate of 0.5%, but the death rate of St Paul’s fewer cases was 15%, thirty times as high.

But for a moment forget Dr. Evilirus and his crew to just imagine that it was a strange naturally occurring virus that flew in like a squadron of black swans.  This isn’t 1918 and we are far more equipped with ventilators, IT, and modern life-saving equipment than then. Against that there are more of us on the planet. So what is the threat according to the figures we have?

  • COMMENT in Nov 2020 – The risk numbers given below are up to 10 times higher than they actually turned out to be.

The average death rate for those infected with Covid-19 is 0.9%, just under 1 in a 100.

It varies considerably with age and up to the

age of 20 the rate is well under 1 in 10,000 of those infected

Aged 20-29 is 3 in 10,000

Aged 30-39 is 8 in 10,000

Aged 40-49 is 15 in 10,000,

Aged 50-59 is 60 in 10,000

Aged 60-69 is 220 in 10,000

Aged 70-79 is 510 in 10,000 – this is my age band and it might look like a lot but it means that 95 out of 100 of us will survive it. Is the glass 5% empty or 95% full?

Over ’80s are the highest at 930 in 10,000. There, just 91 out of 100 will survive the infection.

Note: Though Italian cases show higher death rates 99% had up to three serious pre-existing conditions, with an average age of 78.5.

If people were left to take their own precautions and still interact then while taking some measures to not cross infect, a higher number of people would get Covid-19 and most would brush it off like a light flu or suffer a heavy flu with a different flavour.  Some will need hospitalization, particularly those over 60 with underlying conditions. More than 9 in 10 of the elderly cases will survive it and like the rest of the population, be immune to it from then on. Covid-19 could then die off as did the 1918 pandemic, swine flu, sars and the rest.

The numbers add up though, and if 70% of Britons caught Covid-19 flu the death toll could almost equal the number of UK deaths from all other causes in one year, which is 500,000. And then it’s over, done and gone. 730,000 new people are born every year in the UK, which number could rise with many being confined to quarters.  Worldwide, if 60% contract Covid-19, deaths could reach a staggering 40-50 million added to the annual 60 million deaths worldwide. Both figures combined are still overtaken by 140 million annual births. Ten years later it will be no more than the sad memory of a family member prematurely lost to the Great Flu.

The practical problem is that extra cases of flu would not be spread more or less evenly across the months, but concentrated in peaks. This would put huge pressure on the health services, whose life-saving interventions could not be provided in all cases. We could see covered sport stadiums and school auditoriums filled with well-spaced hospital beds attended by health staff (as happened in 1918). By flattening that peak some lives would be saved, or at least extended a while, but the death of so much of the economy will lead to far more lives being lost, literally as well as figuratively.

Unlike in 1918, the government has now taken full responsibility for our health and we demand that it protect us from things like this pandemic when in practice the NHS can barely keep up with existing health demands. Of course, with tens of thousands of probable carriers in the population by now, numbers will rise whatever they do to smooth out the peak. Even if they halve the speed of transmission hospital beds will be overwhelmed. With a lot of luck they might cut deaths by half, giving up to 250,000 souls with pre-existing conditions another few years to meet their maker.

In order to do this they will have killed off a tragically high proportion of businesses in this country, creating unprecedented job losses leading to inability to pay rents, utility bills, food costs and the usual commitments of life.  Hospitals and GP clinics will be far less accessible. Heaven forbid that, like other countries, the free people of Britain be confined to our houses, requiring papers to leave on authorised trips, with military and police patrolling the streets. What will become of those members of society living on our streets?

What will be the effect of this unprecedented disembowelment of our culture? There will be no parties, no pubs, no sports, no cafes, no restaurants, no cinema or theatre, no shopping malls or shops, no schools, no dinner parties. No life except that fed to us through screens on our devices. It may ‘only’ last a few months but there are no promises, and thousands of small restaurants, cafes and other small businesses may never re-open. How many of those features will return and with what will patrons support them?

The consequent joblessness, evictions and bankruptcies will push despair and depression to unprecedented levels. This would lead to a surge in opiate and anti-depressant use, alcohol abuse and accidental overdoses, not to mention suicides. Will banks and our imaginary fiat money survive? If they crash, it will of course, be blamed upon a virus so small that 20,000 could fit on a pinhead.

If half the population is isolated enough to never encounter Covid-19 then they will not be immune to it come the winter. The government’s strategy is largely shaped by the need to smooth out the case workload for the health services, even if this means destroying the economy. Boris Johnson magically conjures up a promise of  £330 Billion to ease things – some three times the taxpayer’s bill for Britain’s crippling HS2 rail project. Donald Trump is conjuring up a trillion – an entire year’s worth of military expenditure or enough to build 50 of his unaffordable walls. The EU wants to manifest €770 billion – nearly 5 times the annual EU budget for 2019 and almost 20 times Britain’s Brexit divorce bill. In the unlikely event any of them delivers on this, where would the money come from – bankers. Who would pay it back – us, and our grandchildren. Rampant inflation could follow. Those soulless psychopaths play a long slow game.

If we are upset by this savaging of our society, culture, community and civilization, we cannot even go out in the street to protest. Throughout history people have taken to the streets, sometimes in numbers large enough to change the laws or even replace their tyrant with, all too often, another. In the 21stcentury the tools of social media have helped spawn unprecedented street protests in major cities on every continent of the globe except Antarctica. Most are responding to the corruption and oppression of hugely unpopular regimes. Other European states must look at the 1 year 3 months of weekly Gilets Jaunes yellow jacket demos across France and shudder as they did during the French Revolution.

Having now successfully used Covid-19 to test this totalitarian shutdown of society, kettling us all in our homes, it can be implemented in the future to quell any protests over drastic measures ahead. We have already seen this happen with UK Terrorism Act powers being used for all manner of other purposes.

I have not got any words of comfort or “It’ll all be alright” on this one. This applies even if the state’s extreme reaction is coming from the heart in response to a natural virus.  If the situation was engineered from the start or even just an engineered response waiting for a global pandemic to break then it was fiendishly clever and has been flawlessly executed. If only Mr. Bond had grabbed that vial of virus seconds before the aerosol was released. They are already declaring it worse than 1918 and in this instance there is no quick fix for the virus fuelling the collapse of life as we know it. Covid-19 will soon be the secondary problem but it will be the patsy taking blame for the primary problem: global collapse triggered by state-mandated shutdowns. What will follow?

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14 thoughts on “Covid-19 – Has James Bond failed us? March, 2020”

  1. Wonderful blog post with so many statistics it is right up my tree. Glad to have had a little preview to some of it in our discussions earlier in the week. Fingers crossed the economic damage won’t be too great by year end and that our economy recovers quickly

  2. The reason, mainly, that so many died in the Spanish flu was the the ne ‘wonder drug’ aspirin was almost universally used as people had heard of the pain killing properties from soldiers returning home.
    A side effect was reducing people’s temperatures so it was assumed that this must be a good thing too. The only problem was that the body’s natural defence and a successful one, is to raise body temperature to burn virus off. People died of the drug not just the disease and idiot doctors are recommending the same stupid practice all over again but now with more dangerous pain killers. Vitamin C is the BIG answer, in the right doses and frequency.

    1. I did see the aspirin connection but it is usually referred to as an enhancing factor in the death toll and not a significant contributor. People who used it took mega doses as well – sometimes up to 7 grams, or around 20 tablets in a day.

  3. Hi Greg, I really just want to ask, where can I buy a head pice like the one in the photo above? jeje…. Actually I really wanted to have your point of view on the subject since I absolutely dont pay any attention to TV, radio or panic social media. THANKS!! lots of LOVE, and your blog is amazing, it was about time…

    1. Hey Claudio, I can’t find out where those police officers bought them so no help there. Very happy that you read, and enjoyed the blog. Kept me up for the beautiful dawn chorus two nights in a row!
      Peace & love

      1. Great blog Greg
        Game changer with out a doubt, l can’t see it’s accidental, too many dark agendas dove tail into it. What it is or isn’t exactly l don’t know but what “they” are doing with it has been long warned by the derided “conspiracy theorists”
        Could this be an opportunity for real unity when it blows over? Is it possible it gives us the opportunity to see through the relentless attack humanity has been subject to? Is it too naive of me to expect mass non violent civil disobedience, mass de centralisation of power, arrests of the psychos in power, disbandment of the debt based economy and cancellation of related debts, a move to a multi resource backed economy?
        Maybe just maybe they have over cooked this one and it gets seen through on mass especially by the uniforms and enforcers, the alternative will be brutal.

  4. Thank you for writing another insightful article. This time about COVID-19. I’ve done my own research on the mortality rates that we do know about the virus and it just doesn’t seem to warrant the panic that has been created. And I’m amazed there has been such a coordinated campaign to shut down the economy and life as we know it.

    And I’m afraid this will be the new norm. All they have to do is pull another bug out of their bag of tricks to do whatever they want now.

    The state is out of date and we could indeed do it better ourselves. But the state has other plans to hold on to power and it looks like they will succeed for the time being.

    And sadly most people will fall in line and do what they are told. I wish they could of read your books. Maybe they would have understood that things could be different.


    Still I’m optimistic.

    Today was the Spring Equinox. Another winter is fading away and Mother Nature will start to bloom once again. I like spring and always look forward to it.

    And I believe in Plato’s Great Year and another spring will soon bloom for all of us regardless how the dark forces of the kali yuga try and cling to power in this world.

    I also believe in a spiritual rebirth. That there is something far better on the other side than what we have in this world right now.

    There are things that I like in this world. But the more I practice yoga and study spiritual teachings the more I’m convinced that we are like caterpillars in this world and will become butterflies in the afterlife.

    In the meantime I will be kind and compassionate in this world and do what I can to plant the seeds of peace, love and understanding and nurture them as best I can.

    But I think the real rewards will come after we die.

    Peace and love to you and thanks for being a beacon of sanity in this world with your writing.

    1. Thanks Ray, for your appreciative feedback and your beautiful positive words. Just hope to get my multi dimensional autobiography out before enjoying existence outside of this cocoon.

  5. China and Russia have both been on a gold buying binge in the last 5 years and hold huge reserves. If the fiat money system collapses as you suggest and runaway inflation ia the result then holders of gold will be able to buy assets on the cheap. Why bother with bombs and drones when a tonne of gold here or there will buy you entire countries?

  6. Could it be that China and the US cooperate behind the scenes? Obeying to the same capital of big investment. China got the contaminating industry, the people must work. As well they received an expanding worldwide market. US earns a lot with patents only. Countries outside global market, like Libia and others, will be bombed. At national level local competition is paralyzed now. Personally I am not even allowed to work my land. This can’t be coincidence. Government kicked me on the street for 270 days. with some gender law excuse. Only big supermarkets will survive. Do we all end up eating soy every day?

  7. David 'Richard' Tobin

    My measure on the commercial/societal outlook is rather bleak, it goes like this:

    Be utterly doubtful of all forms of government.
    Be doubtful of the truth of all of that which we are told.

    The outcomes of the virus agenda to be progressively morphed into the (so called) ‘climate-crisis’ agenda
    A global financial/corporate/fiat-banking meltdown blamed greatly on ‘virus’ spreads
    A system of technocratic global governance to commence and then perpetually advance
    An ever progressive form of authoritarian state control at every level
    Terrorism, climate and disease along with schooling/media propaganda/indoctrination as the tools of suppression
    The implementation of UN Agenda 21
    Road Tolls – hence the ‘smart motorway’ network having been recently implemented
    Property to be adopted/confiscated by authority/creditors (tax/debt bank/debt etc)
    International travel to become the prerogative of only an elite corporate/authority class

    When we give-up on our freedom in exchange for security we will achieve neither – I fear this is now happening

    Belief in the legitimacy and utility of ‘the state’ is no less than an indoctrinated cult – this is the predominant character of our world

    We are considered as being no more than a human-herd of tax-slaves on a tax-farm

  8. Merran Singh Dubb

    Great blog Greg, insightful, well researched and very interesting. Do I believe that Covid-19 was created in a lab and was accidentally (or intentionally) released? probably not. I’m more inclined to support the view that this virus is a result of our toxic relationship with animals and Nature. However I do believe that it is fast becoming a political tool and as such will be used to manipulate and control the masses to secure the interests of our right wing governments currently in power. Let’s hope Im wrong! There may be hope for the USA.

  9. great post , very recently I bumped in to some great investigative work by watching the doc TrustWHO by Lilian Franck , after seeing that I can’t really trust such organisation and his members and all those involved in such level of corruption where transparency does not exist at all and no one can be accounted as liable for nothing. Someone might say they also have done good things… Well, yes & no (would like a proper scrutiny in those operations and the mediatic propaganda used) ….But I would say that is part of the game and building that one side of credibility so their strategic demagogy can work . At the same time it also shows that if people or institutions want really do good and be honest, they can and they could really save lives…

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