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I’m on BBC Radio 4 Tues 26 May 9:30am

It is based on a 90 minute conversation which they have edited down to 15 minutes – should be good. – Link below

BBC RADIO 4 – One to One

Veggie roots: Miles Chambers meets the inventor of the Vegeburger

9:30-9:45 AM – Tuesday 16 May


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7 thoughts on “I’m on BBC Radio 4 Tues 26 May 9:30am”

  1. i think i can get radio from out here in zululand. if so, i’ll be there!
    xx gugulethu

  2. Madeleine Benfield-White

    Hi Greg, listened to the show. It was so interesting, so I was disappointed that it didn’t carry on for longer. Hope all well with you, keep safe. Love Madeleine x (Benfield-White)

    1. I know – they had to leave 75 minutes on the cutting room floor! Hope you are well – drop by sometime.

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