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Has our future been re-engineered?

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“Covid-19*…is one of the least deadly pandemics the world has experienced over the last 2000 years.*” Humanity came through all the  other ones, together, and returned to sharing activities and experiences outdoors and in temples, stadiums, theatres and halls, as normal. Worshipping and dancing and feasting and supporting your team and watching performance with others has been at the heart of our culture for thousands of years. Minds meet en masse. We even come together after catastrophes. Is something so essentially human as physical togetherness today being lost out of necessity, or by design?

Rant over. No more thoughts from me, or along that line in this video.

It is the MOST IMPORTANT video I have ever posted –  the most informative, level-headed and rant-free exposure of what is taking place that is out there. You will see why it has been widely banned. Watch the first 10 minutes (+ 10 seconds) and bail out if you no like.

COMPLAINED INDOCTRINATION – not the real title of course but the letters correspond.

*The quote above citing  Covid as “one of the least deadly pandemics…” is from the book COVID-19: THE GREAT RESET by Klaus Schwab, co-organizer with Bill and Melinda Gates of Event 201 which begins this video. He founded and chairs the World Economic Forum in Davos.

PLEASE, whatever your pre-conceived thoughts, give this video ten minutes

About the first speaker Dr. David Martin, PhD

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7 thoughts on “Has our future been re-engineered?”

  1. As I read your intro, I was thinking to myself, “I bet it’s Plandemic II”and sure enough…..Well done for linking to it, Greg! It’s vital people watch it……and also the debate between RKJ and Dershowitz on the subject of vaccines, which miraculously is still on YT:

    1. Indeed Mark, Yes Pandemic 2 and still hasn’t been caught by the FB algorithms. That vaccine debate was very good and should be seen by anyone waiting for a vaccine! I think YT can’t kill it since Dershowitz is an authorised person, so to speak.

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