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Is humanity being re-engineered?

I do not apologise for another posting on the danger that is facing us all. Its importance dwarfs the recent US presidential election. On this occasion I share with you the well written informative words of Dustin Broadbery. He lays out everything I would like to, and more, with clarity supported by copious links and simple graphs.

Why is COVID is the most politicised cause of death in history?
“Following a handful of idle sessions at the House of Commons, liberties older than Parliament itself, have been confiscated on the basis of a disease with an average mortality age of 82. What has been achieved on this basis, by the architects of this apocalypse, is not only reprehensible, it is ingenious.”

Dustin Broadbery: The Controlled Demolition of Society

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3 thoughts on “Is humanity being re-engineered?”

  1. The Truth Will Set Us Free.. a stirring essay on the massive hijacking of all our freedoms under a collective fishing expedition propelled by a sickening perversion of totalitarian control under Agenda30 to control every aspect of our lives.
    Wake up world. GOD wins

  2. A great share Greg. Sums it all up beautifully (if that’s the right word in this horrific context?)
    Time to rise.
    Thank you

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