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Whatever lies behind the powerful response to Covid-19, it is beyond just protecting us from a virus and driving us to mass vaccination. It is much bigger, long in the planning, and begins to reveal itself. Yes, I do have a theory and it is about a conspiracy. They happen. Caesar didn’t slip onto those daggers. WMD were a fabrication. There were three towers. Do you still believe, if you ever did, that our rulers and would-be rulers are straight and honest, never lying to achieve their goals? If so, then read no further.

I am proposing that the global mechanisms put into place on the back of history’s least deadly pandemic have set the scene for the greatest conquest in history. This could be the final episode in the saga of empire building initiated by Sargon of Akkad in the 24th century BCE. His was a tad bigger than Iran. Today, it seems the entire world is in these conquerors’ crosshairs.

I will not be dwelling upon countless reports and fluctuating statistics, but relying instead on common sense to peer through the haze of activities, overflow of numbers and relentless barrage of fear. I will not be focusing upon new variations of the virus or its virulence, the purpose of testing, efficacy of vaccines, furlough schemes and the monetisation of it all.

All the above is distracting detail when you consider that Covid-19 threatens to shorten the lives of around one in a thousand, targeting those of us in poor health at an average age of 82.4. A few more get ‘long Covid’ with after-effects lasting for months, possibly years. Those number add up, but so far about 1 in 4000 of the world’s population have died from (or with) Covid-19, a virus type that tends to degenerate in 2-3 years. To smooth out the curve of these sad deaths, the futures of over 1 in 4 in the younger generations below them have been permanently blighted. Believing the global response to this virus has been appropriate is a common symptom of those infected by the fear virus, and this includes politicians.

Understandably, many people cannot figure out why governments would be bankrupting their own economies. It does not make sense but our leaders are not the brightest sparks, few could run a corner shop, and all are more concerned with covering their own asses than serving the people. From the outset, our politicians have been given little choice in the matter. Their hands were initially guided by Event 201, planning for a pandemic over 100x as lethal as Covid-19, but otherwise uncannily similar. When figures came in from China and the Diamond Princess cruise ship, the UK experts had real figures to work with, but accidentally magnified lethality by 10. Although hospitals and mortuaries have never been overwhelmed and the Nightingale Hospitals lie empty, the fear virus continues to dominate most of the world’s media, now in the hands of a few global corporations.

Yes, there is a nasty virus out there, as deadly as a bad influenza, and it seems to be running its course regardless of lockdowns, firebreaks, muzzled faces and tiers. Its rise is, fortuitously, largely offset by a fall in deaths from influenza. Healthwise, the world’s only control group, Sweden, has not done notably better or worse than most locked down and terrified European nations. Perhaps we could keep our vulnerable safe, without isolating them or locking down the nation. It’s human nature, not rocket science.

Politicians who disagree with the WHO and CDC risk being personally blamed for every death or infection rise in their country. Frightened that their non-response would have them labelled murderers of millions they agreed to follow the pandemic planning model and shut everything down. They continue doing so, despite previous failures. After all, doctors never get sued for reducing patient’s lives and pockets with excessive testing, unnecessary operations and preventative medicines. Is it too late for those politicians to back-pedal now, and forgo their commitments to the vaccine industry?

The ongoing and unnecessary lockdown of our lives serves two purposes.

1) It creates demand for vaccination as the Holy Grail that will vanquish the virus and free us from house arrest. And there is the money, with every test and jab transferring wealth from the pockets of the many to the few. That is immoral – and also not rocket science.

2) It puts the blame on a virus for the deliberate destruction of billions of livelihoods and a desolate future for humanity, while setting a trap for governments worldwide and enriching a powerful elite.

Let us move up a level. To soften the catastrophic economic effect of their severe lockdowns most of the world’s governments have been ‘forced’ to borrow huge sums of money from their reserve bankers, the bankers who manage a nation’s money supply. These bankers bring this money into being, from thin air, and extend it to the nation with the same seriousness as if it were gold or silver. In exchange, they acquire debt, interest and hard assets.

All those billions have to be repaid and most of that will come from taxation. Many states will find it challenging to raise enough tax from their impoverished populace and surviving businesses to meet the obligation. Some will squeeze their populace dry, with social programs siphoned away to pay the banker’s interest. Others may simply collapse.

This disruption could re-activate the crisis kicked downstream in 2008, leading to collapse of the global financial system. Nobody knows the specifics of how this huge event would unfold and impact us. But without a money supply, politicians more than most would have a difficult time bartering their services or trading them for Bitcoin. Would they become obsolete, providing a vacuum into which bankers and billionaire technocrats would move to restore order?

Even if the financial system survives, a massive transfer of state assets and power to central bank lenders is on the cards. Citizens have increasingly become assets of the state.  On the back of protecting us from whatever terrible fear is being promulgated, the state has acquired near total control over our lives and fortunes. Laws brought in on the back of terrorism have now been vastly expanded by fear of a virus – and each other. Our every move and contact is tracked and traced, with responsibility for our health assumed by the state, and mandatory medication on the cards for any semblance of normal life to return.

A wholesale impoverishment of humanity is underway – a winnowing and harvesting of the wealth that our cumulative efforts and ingenuity have accumulated over the past 40-50 years. And all this is being achieved with the tacit consent of citizens being callously stripped of their income, wealth and hard-won rights. We may think there would be laws against such deception and manipulation. Maybe there once were.  But as Amschel Rothschild pointed out in the 18th century, when you run a nation’s money supply their laws are irrelevant.

Media ownership is concentrated in a few hands, following the same agenda. The World Health Organisation, primarily funded by Bill & Melinda Gates, the vaccine industry and the UK, have offices in all the worlds 197 sovereign nations. They can adeptly fuel the fear when choosing from in-house estimates & dire projections, hospital admissions, infections, deaths, hospital beds and vaccination levels, all across a wide selection of territory. They need only one over-crowded hospital to scare the nation. Publicising one 40-year old dying from Covid can make millions frightened of a 1 in 20,000 risk. A 30% increase in testing will detect 30% more infections, 80% of them asymptomatic. And so forth.

Before Sargon of Akkad ‘unified’ over 20 Mesopotamian cities there is scant evidence of the conqueror gene. In the 2000 years before Sargon, independent civilised cities had developed with populations in the tens of thousands, trading with each other and across the Mediterranean. Wealth had first to be created in order to be appropriated by force.

Today’s unprecedented ‘unification’ attempt is moving quickly, in the wake of the so-called pandemic. More of the apparatus to control us has been installed, “for our protection.”  Our portable devices are increasingly monitored by AI, knowing our location, movement, friends, communications, purchases and to a large degree our thoughts. If the move goes to cashless then nothing can be purchased or gifted privately, except by those proficient in crypto currency.

The architects of the Great Reset look to an ideal future in which we will own nothing. All will be rented. ‘Personal’ vehicles will soon become autonomous. Public transport systems are crumbling under lockdown and may never recover. Before long, we can have little bubbles pick us up and take us from A to B, with the charge automatically deducted from a microchip embedded in our wrist. 5G is specifically needed for these swarms of intelligent devices to be in constant communication with each other.

Whether nation states collapse or cut social programmes to feed the bankers, the human consequences will be severe. As well, some 4.3 million extra deaths p.a. from starvation are expected to result from lockdowns and other restrictions. Through population reduction, perhaps the 1% hope to become 5% by lowering numbers at the other end of the wealth spectrum. Practically speaking, with today’s technology who needs all those now purposeless people? And all can be blamed upon a virus a little more lethal than bad flu.

Meanwhile those printing money from thin air have for decades been investing their imaginary money in utilities, property, agriculture, natural resources and investments likely to retain value during economic collapse and/or hyperinflation.

Make no mistake – the end objective here is to ‘unify’ the world and establish a ‘one world government’ that the likes of David Rockefeller have been advocating.

As he said “Some even believe we (the Rockefeller family) are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure – one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.”

While giving thanks to the world’s media… “It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But the world is more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries.” David Rockefeller

Perhaps some readers will favour this, on the “nothing can be worse than what we’ve got” principle, thinking a world run by bankers and technocrats would be an improvement. If so, bear in mind that the mentality of these new rulers is such that they will inflate a manufactured, and passing crisis (these viruses fade out of sight within 2-3 years), into a global panic requiring the destruction of millions of small and medium businesses, and the loss of billions of jobs. All the complex intertwined feedback loops that bind our civilisation together are being dismantled. The catch-phrase of these ruthless carpet bombers is ‘build back better” –  a “better” that would be built and owned by them. Instead of “unification” they call their conquest The Great Reset, and paint the rosiest of pictures.

I once skimmed through Machiavelli’s “The Prince,” a book that always tops the best-seller list in Washington DC, and one that every world leader has read. His advice to new rulers or conquerors was to impose the harshest conditions and regulations upon your new subjects, with severe punishments for any who question your authority. After a year or so, when you start to relax the regulations, your subjects, aka citizens, will sigh with relief and think you are not so bad after all. We give the Saudis praise for letting women drive, while the brave young campaigner for it lies in jail.

Will we feel grateful and loving when our rule-makers and owners declare that it is safe for human beings to start doing those things that make us human again – permitted to touch each other, feel each other’s vibes, read faces, work and play, perform and interact with each other offline?

If clubs, pubs and restaurants ever re-open do not expect small independent operations – most of those have been bankrupted. Nearly all will be owned by large corporate brands, subsidiaries and their subsidiaries, able to comply with regulations they largely control, regulation deemed necessary to protect us into eternity from a not-very-lethal virus that, I repeat, should soon fade away as did Spanish Flu, SARS-CoV, and MERS-CoV.

This is not about seeing your granny next Christmas or any of the other expensively researched messages of “doing it for others” that are being peddled. Across the world, there is no consistent, reliable evidence to show that the extreme measures taken to fight Covid-19 are having the desired effect upon its progress. It seems to brush off firebreaks, tiers, lockdowns, muzzles and isolation. Yet Britain’s unused Nightingale Hospitals lay empty or dismantled, while we are told to stay at home because the NHS is being overwhelmed. WTF! Where were those patients threatening to overwhelm the NHS in Wave 1?  What happened to all those new beds and ventilators? Did we flatten the curve? So many questions! YES there is a nasty virus. NO, it is not the plague, and (population adjusted) has been 150 times less lethal than the Spanish Flu, which killed young and old.

We are told to fear Covid19 like the wrath of God, cover our faces, have no fun, and be punished for communing with each other offline. Those who speak out are being portrayed as criminals for questioning the Covidian Faith.

Blaspharmy has become the new blasphemy, with some nations making it illegal to question the doctrine of existential danger.

Instead of burning books, today they de-platform those who question the faith. ‘Bit Banning’ blocks access to their ideas to millions of followers. Towers of burning books!

Qualified medical professionals have their careers destroyed for questioning the doctrine. They used to excommunicate. This subset would be excovidicate.

The level of crackdown on those who question the Covidian Faith is perhaps the harshest Europe has seen since Papal rule, when only strict adherence to Church doctrine could protect us from the terrors of Hell and temptations of the Devil.

In such a harsh repressive climate, I would never propose that mass civil and commercial disobedience might be the only answer. Some, however, might suggest that our happiness, livelihoods, and the survival of countless enterprises hinges upon blowing the lid off this before the final controls and locks are in place.

It would be whimsical to think, as some might, that millions of people on the streets or in each other’s homes saying “Screw this! We’re having our freedom back,” and hundreds of thousands of shops opening their doors in unison would make any difference. But you never know, and may never get another chance.

Leaders are fine. Rulers are not a necessary evil. 

I wrote a book

Three recommended videos – from the many speaking out.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jnr – displaying the courage and conviction of his uncle JFK and father Bobby

DanJGregory in Dec 2020 – for a level-headed British perspective

COMPLAINED INDOCTRINATION – (real title anagram) of a suppressed and factual video



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  1. Wow! A true elder speaking wise words from the heart… So appreciate your perspective Greg, as ever. This has glued a whole picture together for me, from the frustrated fragments of my mind. The clue was there at the very beginning when the sensible but “scary” option of her immunity was proposed by uk pob… Next day… Boom!

    One wonders where the queue is to get the virus and do our job as humans to beat it by natural law rather than these ad hoc sham regulations… And then what queue do you get into to be exempt from this Machiavellian madness! What happened to bravery?

    Much love Stay sane as much as safe … for all of us…! ; )

    Dan (chappie from that Posford and Ram gig years back now)

    1. Thanks for the feedback Dan, and I am happy to have helped you put the picture together, though I do wish is was a prettier one!

  2. great post, thanks. seems to me you’ve nailed it — it’s as plain as the nose on your face (the great reset, I mean)

  3. > Healthwise, the world’s only control group, Sweden, has not done notably better or worse than most locked down and terrified European nations

    There is also Belarus. Here are their official stats:
    Population 9.5m for reference.

    They were offered $940m in a covid care package as a bribe to institute lockdowns, which their dictator leader Lukashenko refused:

    Funny that Europe’s only dictator is the only leader besides the Swedish government who won’t implement a dystopian curfew on its citizens…

    Here’s a piece that talks about the models used to predict Swedish deaths if a lockdown wasn’t implemented:

    Quite scary what is going on, but more scary is how complicit everyone is. I’ve seen the term “anti-lockdown lunatics” bandied about, and suddenly the vast majority of people are pro-locking people in their houses and not allowing them to see their family because it might temporarily suspend the deaths of some people over 80 (by the way, a German source also puts the average age of corona death at 82: It’s a kind of madness that has gripped humanity.

    On the otherhand, the “normal” from before lockdown was destroying the environment, and this change of pace might give us a few more years before extinction. Trying my best to be glass-half-full.

    1. It is all beyond belief and horrifyingly real, especially the willing complicity, even support, of so many. I thought that by now so many would have seen the obvious but there seems to be no cure for the fear virus. Highly recommend this latest video.

  4. That’s the way more and more are seeing it here in the U.S. and Canada (where I am at the moment). People will do things to support one another, especially those who are fearful, for a time, but when they see that it means they are vilified for such ordinary and necessary things such as breathing, making a living, socializing and, the most dangerous of all, hugging–then they rightly say, “Death would be better than this daily hell we live in.” The Declaration of Independence states the principle succinctly,
    “Prudence, indeed, will dictate that governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and, accordingly, all experience has shown, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.

    But, when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object, evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security.”

    1. Hear hear! I am happy to hear that such sentiments are surfacing in the US. The authors of that Declaration would be turning in their graves. And what chance does the “pursuit of happiness” have under house arrest and often solitary or binary confinement?

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