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Conquest by Covid – the Movie

I highly recommend this well-made and gripping video, which underlines my last blog, adding flesh and bones to it with no links required. Much of its content is coming straight from the horses’ mouths that are orchestrating our future, among them Bill, Boris & Klaus.

There is hope towards the video’s end on how to stop this – a concerted effort mounted by professionals from medicine and law. First and foremost though, is that more eyes are opened – that people realise the scale and implications of what is taking place. Covid-19, a real virus, is the thin edge of a thick and long-planned wedge. Willing compliance is killing us with a level of destruction for which bombs were once required. This has little to do with “protecting others,” or seeing granny at Christmas next year.

This truthful video has been taken down once already, and may not be here long.  Please watch and send it to pals

Is this the future 

you want for generations to come?

PATIENCE please as video may take time to begin. It was banned by YouTube et al



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