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The Freedom Rally – flash mob world record?

From my first blog on the subject I have written of an agenda that has little to do with a virus and much to do with bringing in a New World Order. That agenda is in much sharper focus now and after a year of mendacity, bad projections, broken assurances, shifting tiers and lockdowns, manipulated numbers, money for the mates and pushback of liberty, many eyes have been opened. More and more want their freedom back, including primary responsibility for their own health. Medicating healthy people is not healthy.

Many people have been rightly appalled at the prospect of Britain’s NHS being privatised and taken over by Big Pharma. Yet how many of them are willing, eager even, to let Big Pharma take over their own immune system?

After a year of compliant ‘do it for others’ acceptance of house arrest and social shutdown, vaccination is now presented as the only way to get back to partying and travelling and being human beings enjoying the gift of life. Of course, it isn’t, but for many it is “Oh yeah, sure, anything you say – just lighten up.” No doubt the jabs will soon be twice a year, and moving the way of multiple razor blades as long as fear is sustained.

You only really need one sharp razor blade for a clean shave, and you need one good immune system to keep you healthy. This primary line of defence sometimes needs help from outside, whether prayers, jabs, massage, drugs, herbs, surgery, acupuncture, homeopathy or a myriad of healing practices. The point is – they are ALL secondary to your immune system.

Most of us appear to already have a natural resistance to the coronavirus and either don’t notice it, have a very mild experience, or get it, recover and gain immunity. It is pointless for healthy people to replace that with injections, which are designed to do the same thing that their immune system does already. Once begun, there may be no road back.

I’m going off on a rant here and will stop since this is about sharing these two wonderful short videos from the greatest rally that I have ever attended. Sometimes ‘one picture is worth a thousand words,’ and these are a case in point. Do know that we packed Trafalgar Square (35,000) three times last year with no case spikes or surges whatsoever afterwards. Outdoor transmission by asymptomatic people is one of the many false facts designed to build fear.

Saturday was a glorious day in London, and I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. Tens of thousands assembled from across Britain to demand their freedom back, days after a bill to kill protest was passed . After recent pre-emptive protest blocking by the police few of us went with great expectations – but none of us could have ever imagined such massive resistance to the New World Abnormal.

We were just a few hundred around Speakers Corner at 12:45, and probably as many police on foot/in vans nearby, when word came to move south to Hyde Park Corner. Numbers quickly swelled into a few thousand as people converged from across Hyde Park. When we reached Park Lane we were joined by thousands more from Green Park to occupy Park Lane and begin a 12-mile rally encircling all of central London. As we progressed, other groups of a few dozen, hundred, or thousand, kept joining the column from side streets, intersections, and arteries from other parks on the way. Heading west from Oxford St we surged through High Holborn to Blackfriars and back along the Thames Embankment to Parliament and via Trafalgar Sq to Buckingham Palace, up to Piccadilly, and back to Hyde Park. There was more fun in the park but I had left after Piccadilly, having pushed my wheelchair battery past its limits.  That’s another story, as are the friends and fellow infidels I met on the road, and the passionate protest virgin, a dear friend’s sister, who wanted to tag along, had the day of her life, and saved my ass when that battery went.

Major congratulations to the brilliant, subtle and fluid management of the happening. There was little the police could do against such a strategy and so many numbers. The high spirits of Reclaim The Street‘s legendary protests in the 90’s were palpable, despite the absence of a sound system.

Happening on the powerful Spring Equinox, this was probably the longest moving street party in London’s history. And it was undoubtedly the biggest flash mob to ever assemble, anywhere. And no disruption was caused to Central London’s  shops and hospitality venues.

It was like the Woodstock or Castlemorton of protest, and here are the two videos that prompted this enthusiastic outburst.

In 8 mins, this beautifully captures 5 hours of the rally

In 2 min18secs this captures the vibe, and me exactly half way in.

Added this third one, covering demonstrations across Europe.

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5 thoughts on “The Freedom Rally – flash mob world record?”

  1. Very moving account you’re incredible spirit and determination to resist this evil fascist pig agenda and call out the disgusting falsehoods being spread by govt media and many compliant foolish morons who can’t smell shit when it’s being rammed down their throats, is an inspiration. Only wish I was there, instead I’m here preparing for what I desperately hope won’t happen… but every day this BS carries on, it’s looking more likely. Breakdown.

  2. Fantastic! the biggest so far , peaceful as always…Only the police forces instigates violence and provocation. So sad to see the many women these days joining them and becoming a violent arm of the law together with the brainwashed men in uniform. They get the order and they would even kill their kids. Sometime I wonder why these people join police forces, Do they really believe in that or becuse they do not have job? We should educate more and more people not to join the army. Peace and true democracy.

  3. You write:
    > “Outdoor transmission by asymptomatic people is one of the many false facts designed to build fear.”

    By the government’s own admission outdoor transmission of covid is negligble:

    > “recent reviews considering data from several countries found very little evidence of outdoor transmission for SARS-CoV-2, influenza or other respiratory viruses”

  4. Thank you for your article … Beautiful videos! I think it’s admirable that you were in the crowd despite the wheelchair …
    There were also lots of people in other European cities. Anyone who sees this also realizes how the media lies by calling everyone right-wing and nazi.
    The most impressive demonstration for me was in Berlin in august 2020. Check out this video of the crowd back then (and that video showed just about 60 %). Unfortunately youtube censored the other videos in higher auality.

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