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I am still charged after another epic and unforgettable Saturday on the streets of London. Over 100,000 lovers of freedom assembled from across Britain. Most had either been at the last Freedom Rally on the 30th March or seen the fire in the eyes of friends who had. They were the ones who refused to live in fear, despite being surrounded by it in their communities. They’ve had enough of a game that started with “3 weeks to flatten the curve,” something never intended by the instigators. They do not believe that Matt, Chris, Patrick and Boris have our best interests at heart. They want to retain ownership of their bodies and an immune system that has served us for over a million years.

The police had been risibly unable to deal with the previous street rally, wandering around in small troops of 20 or so like a headless Roman platoon with orders not to kill, surrounded on all sides by joyous and peaceful Celtic warriors.  Would they be determined to prevent this event at all costs, stopping buses, suspicious train arrivals and closing Hyde Park? Or would British restraint apply – instead of the truncheons, water cannons and tear gas that our European neighbours employ? It did, with just a small scuffle at the very end.

Police were hardly to be seen on the day, rarely more than two at a time, unless standing outside Scotland Yard, Parliament and Number 10. There was no effort to impede the flow of a veritable multitude during the nine-mile circling of central London. The buzz of those present filled the air on a clear Sun-drenched day. Many had been holding onto their sanity as most in their community succumbed to fear. For them, being with this huge mass of like-minded souls provided one huge injection of strength, spirit and humanity.

Unlike nearly every other mass protest I have attended, this one had no identifiable leaders or management. Unlike others, there were no pre-printed posters or placards, and of the hundreds of home-made placards I saw, there were no two the same. There were no teams of characters handing out flyers. It was people’s anarchy in action. It flowed.

There was no identifiable type; there never is at these rallies. It is heartening to know that the ability to see through the overwhelming fog of propaganda and mis-information is not restricted to any age, sex, class, colour or nationality. There has never been any blip in graphs or cases following these socially close and unmasked events, a phenomenon that itself may open more eyes.

This is not about being ‘anti-vax’ or a ‘covid denier.’ Vaccinations, after the usual extensive testing, can play a valid part in health management. Covid-19 has been a nasty virus. But health is a personal issue and personally, I will not pass responsibility for my health to bodies that are largely funded by Big Pharma and the vaccine industry. We have different approaches to the subject and mine has served me well for over 50 years. It is good to know that I am not alone – far from it.

May I highly recommend these two, of the many videos from this demo.

It would have been headline news were we in Russia or Hong Kong, with aerial views of the entire rally in this video, or at least as much as a high-flying drone could capture.


There was no police harassment at all until we were down to a few hundred, enjoying a little after-party behind Speakers’ Corner. This excellent video starts in the middle of that party, as the police barged in to ‘socially distance’ us, and were thrown out of the park. See lots of police walking backwards fast, then turning and running. See people defending the police from aggression. Spot the guy (9:06) boogying in the front line with his head down. Most uplifting!

(YouTube restricted view of this video so this is from Bitchute)

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  1. Thank you for these precious videos, and I enjoyed your 2 books. Your descriptions of the sun in books and video are especially special and informative.
    Warren Schaich

  2. No Two Banners The Same – says it all..That is why We Are The ONES! And a Revolution is happening…about time too! love love love! Great day, great vibes…still in a great space!

  3. Sarathi Anuyayyi

    Totally far out . Great article , mindblowing footage especially film number 2 . What a dear crowd to accomplish that ousting so beautifully , such poise , natural savvy , and compassion ,with nary a single copper getting bent . No damages ,no case ,but WE have the Film ,just in case ..

    1. Thanks for the feedback Sarathi – just saw it! Great thing is that after that eviction for the park the police pretty much stopped interfering with these events, apart from re-directing traffic away from our column.

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