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Been naughty, got punished, had fun!

Looks like I have been a very naughty boy on Facebook, after they didn’t like one of my posts. The instant I posted it, the reject popped up saying it could “cause physical harm,” shadow banning me for 3 days. So I can still move around on FB but leave no comments or posts. For the record, I screen-saved the moment, which showed banned post and their judgement/sentence. A few hours later on FB, without thinking, I commented on a friend’s post – and it was shown. Surprise! Did this mean I could still post?

How to test this hole in the wall? Of course – with the screen save of that post they wanted nobody to see, and their added comments. Score! It went out to newsfeeds and a vibrant comment thread developed, into which I put a link to the site that had so offended. This time it took 36 hours for the AI to detect and erase its existence, extending my glorious ban to 7 days.

If causing “physical harm” includes putting guilty people behind bars then they have got a point. Over a thousand lawyers, backed by legions of medical experts have begun legal proceedings against the perpetrators of what Dr Reiner Fuelmich portrays as the greatest crime in history. Let us hope they bring an end to this madness before the damage is irreparable.

Here is that dangerous link – The New Nuremberg trials 2021

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