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What a state we are in! the Podcast


Showing some new angles and insights in this first podcast interview for well over a year. Dip in to see if you enjoy and listen as long as you do. First hour is the cream of it, with some topic drift as the three of us chat on beyond. It all stemmed from a chance encounter in Marble Arch at one of London powerful freedom rallies this summer. I am introduced thus:

Hello listeners! No messing here, we have a treat for you. We interview Gregory Sams, author of The State is Out of Date. Greg runs down the reasons for the abject failure of the state, illuminates the self-organisational capabilities of nature – of which we are a part, lest we forget – and provides us with some guidance on how to respond to the madness and cruelty of a system which thrives on the exploitation of its subjects. Those are the core topics, but you’ll also hear about the living sun, learn who invented the vegeburger, enjoy tales of good and bad trips, and come out the end a more dynamic and determined renegade.

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