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Delighted and surprised by Christopher Stone’s review of my book in his latest blog. I have met Chris at many culturally relevant occasions over the years. Whether Sun of gOd was in the ‘to be read’ stack for 13 years, or recent sunshine prompted a purchase, thanks for finally reading it Chris, and for the feedback. I can see you got it!

A couple excerpts:

… a fascinating, deeply-informed, convincing exploration of this idea: that the Sun has consciousness. It is a magnificent romp through a Universe of ideas accompanied by a wise, witty, intelligent companion. Greg manages to make more than sense of this stupendous thought. He makes it believable.
He weaves the concept into a magic-carpet of thoughts and ideas and history and science on which we then travel, across the Universe and back again…it is always a joyous ride, full of interest, full of variety, well-written, easy to understand, a book that – like all great books – should help us to change our view of the world.

This bit tickled my deep contrarian streak

So what is “odd”? What is “strange”? Certainly not Greg’s book. Whenever I mention it to anyone, or attempt to describe it, the reaction is the same. At best it is considered eccentric. At worst, completely insane. It takes reading the book to discover that it is anything but eccentric; and, from the perspective of this book and the ideas which it puts forward, it is our modern philosophical standpoint which is insane.

Full review from Christopher Stone


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