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WARNING – This is NOT a Movie

Who cares whether Boris Johnson lied to parliament about those parties? Trivial. Surveys show politicians to be the least trusted of all professions.

And the hypocrisy? Yes, so what else is new?

The issue these trivia obscure is far more troubling. The hypocritical behaviour in Downing Street made it apparent that those running the Pandemic show knew their ‘don’t kill granny’ rules were nonsense; knew that unmasked drunken partying, snogging and vomiting on the walls was not going to wipe us out. If the level of threat was real and the rules relevant, they would never have risked killing off their precious important selves.

Even dumping a prime minister to satisfy public outrage would not address this. Those at the top, spewing out fearful forecasts and warnings knew them to be hyped up, economical with the truth, and designed with objectives unrelated to our personal health. They lied to the nation, with disastrous consequences.

So why in Hell’s name would the rulers of our country deliberately wreak such emotional and financial damage upon the economy, requiring endless billions to be borrowed from and printed by central banks (£410 billion so far). In one fell swoop countless billions have been sucked out of our proverbial pockets and transferred to a relative handful of global entities. A new billionaire was spawned worldwide every 30 hours during prime pandemic. Inflation now soars, an inevitable result of continually diluting the money supply by pumping billions into it.

Are we being deliberately propelled into massive indebtedness and the sort of unfamiliar hardships that many of the world’s once stable nations now experience? How can our politicians have let this happen, even aiding and abetting the process?

However much we like to play the game of politics, it is clear that there are players who exert more influence upon the actions of politician than do the voters who supposedly gave them power. Military and business interests have powerful leverage, as we know, but are transient actors compared to those who stay in the game for centuries.

Far more powerful, and lower profile, are the central bankers and dynastic holdings that survived, sometimes thrived on, the wars and economic collapse that brought misery to so many others, rich and poor, through the 19th, 20th, and 21stcenturies. Some have been in the game since the 18thcentury. They don’t openly fight with each other or seek celebrity. They do excerpt enormous influence.

Central bankers control the money supply, and can make life extremely difficult if their demands are not met. Yes, our fiat money is created out of thin air, which makes the management of it further beyond the understanding of politicians, “Let us control the money of a nation, and we care not who makes its laws” was said to be a maxim of the House of Rothschilds, attributed to its founder Mayer Rothschild. Without them supplying money, our politicians would be reduced to bartering their services.

Two investment companies, Vanguard and Black Rock, hold $17 Trillion in assets, which is 130x the wealth of Bill Gates (who carries some weight). They are largest shareholders in most of the world’s significant corporations, across all fields of enterprise. Whether people ride bicycles or Lear Jets, eat meat or plants, watch Netflix or porn, wear acrylic or cashmere, do Facebook or TikTok, they’ve got it covered. In post pandemic nations, we can once again speak to each other, walk from place to place, and enjoy the beauty of this earthly paradise without those two having an interest. But not much else.

Who owns these global entities?  “Vanguard is in the hands of the richest families on earth. Among them we find the Rothschilds, the DuPont family, the Rockefellers, the Bush family and the Morgan family, just to name a few.” Vanguard owns much of Black Rock and banking establishments have substantial interests in both.

For many at this elite level, there is little concern for the emotional or financial state of the masses – those earning tens, or hundreds of thousands a year. Being custodian to great wealth that has survived for generations, in some cases centuries, stimulates a longer-term vision, with their own comfort and survival of paramount concern. From their ‘Olympian’ perspective, there are far more people in the world than necessary. Increasingly, automation is reducing the need for employees, increasing numbers that become a purposeless burden upon the planet.

If the coordinated worldwide measures imposed on the back of a virus have been part of a grander plan, and not a bungling unfortunate accident, then what can its purpose have been?

It almost seems as though we are living in a real-life James Bond movie, with a plot familiar to all. Many, myself included, see this as a credible probability, once recognised. Yet few can believe that anybody would actually attempt something as audacious as taking control of the world. Sadly, James Bond is not here to save the day, having died in his last movie of the weaponised virus from which he saved us. There has been no criminal plot or act in history the equal of this. This is not a movie, and the pandemic may only be the first episode.

If this sounds like paranoid rantings to you, rest assured that it is the ultimate wet dream of powerful psychopaths who would like to control the world and all those in it. Can you not believe that, were such a goal deemed possible, there are those who would attempt it? Devoid of empathy, they may look and act like 99% of the population, but are nothing like us mentally. A determined psychopath would feel no remorse or pity in torturing children, or their own grandmother, if that was to their advantage.

In March of 2020 this ‘mad’ conspiracy idea first occurred to me as a possibility and as events unfolded that has advanced to the level of strong probability. Incriminating evidence comes from the words and behaviour of the perpetrators themselves. Government data reveals shocking truths untouched by the media, who slavishly follow Ofcom’s ruling to never question or counter WHO guidelines or vaccine efficacy. Dissenters are ‘cancelled’.

I do not believe it possible to ‘rule the world’ from the top down, enough to have written a book  on the subject. Unfortunately, it has always been the ultimate dream for some. The free feedback loops between human beings have brought us all we treasure in life, from the wheel to smartphones, from clothes to cuisine. No ruler ever decreed that there be pencils, airplanes, chocolate or vegeburgers.

Every step along the way, every restriction and response to the virus was planned ahead of time, to counter a dramatic imagined flu with over 10x the lethality of Covid-19. It was first outlined by the Rockefeller Institute in 2010, and in a more defined format at Event 201 in October 2019 . A few months into the pandemic Klaus Schwab, founder and chairman of the World Economic Forum, published a book titled Covid 19 – The Great Reset, describing the economic devastation it would cause while touting the benefits of “build back better”– the catchphrase of globalists. First destroy, then build back – a new world in far fewer hands. We can see this as the final refinement and execution of a strategy that has long been in the offing.

At the moment, all our focus is devoted to yet another war, a trivial conflict by comparison, and one which conveniently overshadows any information coming out on the questionable effectiveness of the jabbing. Pre jabbing, I knew three people who struggled through Covid-19, and none who died. Now, I have lost count of jabbed friends who got Covid, and lost three who died soon after their jabs.

Big Pharma may talk of bringing health to the world but they thrive on ill-health and fear – just as the military industrial complex thrives on war and fear. They dominate the medical establishment.

Don’t misunderstand. I have genuine admiration and appreciation for the tools and techniques of allopathic medicine, from x-ray machines to surgical techniques and antibiotics, those wonder drugs derived from moulds that have saved millions of lives. I also recognise that entire continents, such as China and India, developed very different medical systems that supported their population growth. Both have blended elements of allopathic medicine into their medical establishment.

How we manage our health must be our personal choice. It is called bodily autonomy and includes everything from who we have sex with to how we comb our hair. Loss of bodily autonomy is not an unfamiliar concept, having been fundamental to all slave-owning cultures.

Big Pharma could be said to share some of the morals and motives of organised crime. They do all they can to squelch competition, via getting government to ban competitors rather than shooting them. For this, they have three times as many lobbyists as there are representatives of the people in the US Senate and Congress. This has led to their stranglehold on US so-called healthcare, a position they have been extending globally.

After investing their ill-gotten gains in Las Vegas and the gambling industry, the Mafia saw their piles of money and their power grow, coming from legal enterprises with less chance of them being murdered or incarcerated. They knew how to use lawyers and politicians. I sometimes wonder if they saw the pharmaceutical industry as an ideal investment for their massive gambling fortunes. It would make sense, controlling the market for drugs that people desperately need. They have experience at this, and there is money to be made. Of course, I would never suggest such a thing. It is too outrageous to imagine.

The pharmaceutical industry have been convicted many times, for out and out crimes. By deleting, falsifying or mis-representing their own data, drugs were released that resulted in the death and injury of thousands. For these serious crimes they paid fines in the hundreds of millions, with a record £2.3 Billion fined to Pfizer in 2009. Nobody lost their job or went to jail. You could almost view these fines as being the government’s share of the profits, with victims getting 10% or so, after the state and lawyers take the bulk.

Big Pharma controls the WHO (World Health Organisation) and the CDC (Centre for Disease Control).  They directed the world’s response to a laboratory-enhanced cold virus that turned out to be no more lethal than a bad flu. It particularly targeted the elderly and had lingering side-effects for some. On the Diamond Princess cruise ship, our earliest and most reliable data source, we saw that of the 3711 passengers and crew, 619 caught Covid-19 and 7 died, all of them over 70. Those under 70 all survived. It was never going to be an existential threat.

Fear was instilled by multiple means. The most onerous was ramping up virus-fatality totals by including ‘died with’ instead of ‘died from.’ This included anybody who died for any reason within 28 days of a positive PCR test. Imagine if we added up everyone who died within 28 days of having a cold, even a cold without symptoms – and called them cold deaths. Every news broadcast spewed forth fear of an existential nature, and compared the virus to a crisis as bad as World War 2.

All this time they knew that the average virus survival rate was over 99% and survival rate for those under 60 at 99.8%. Whole populations were locked down, masked up and told that only the vaccine (an experimental unapproved injection) could save us. Countless small and medium businesses were bankrupted, while those making the asinine rules ignored them, putting masks on for the cameras. Throughout the pandemic, one nation alone, Sweden, mandated nothing, instead informing their population of the risks and asking people to be sensible. They did better than Britain and most of Europe.

If a pre-planned pandemic was the first episode of this drama, what might be coming next? We can see it already in some nations, such as Canada, Ukraine and Italy. It was established in China before the pandemic first surfaced. Now we see stirrings of it in most nations.

One of the most insidious of these is the drive to replace cash money with a plastic card through which all our banking and buying and selling of anything is conducted. Nobody ever contracted Covid via cash, but the fabricated risk was used to make us fear it. This is a big step on the road to having our every transaction with others monitored by AI and judged accordingly. We cannot know who will be doing the judging, and can forget about a means to challenge it. Use cash & cards but boycott those who demand cards only.

Have we drifted downstream to where they kicked the 2008 global financial crash? If so, we could see a dissolution of the banks and our savings, unpredictable chaos, with it all blamed on a virus and Russia. Eventually, ‘rescue’ would arrive via the global reserve banks uniting us all under a single credit card and setting the stage for One World Government.

Total relinquishment of privacy is creeping along, with the state desiring the right to listen via AI to your every phone conversation, read your every communication, and determine just how good a citizen/subject you are. AI can easily monitor 7 billion of us, at all levels, every second of the day. We will be told it is done to keep us safe and save the planet, whether we like it or not. Who will control the AI, or will it manage itself?

The WHO is moving forward with its Pandemic Preparedness Treaty, pressuring all the world to subscribe via the United Nations. This would give the WHO power to declare a pandemic or a potential pandemic when they see fit, and impose measures to prevent or mitigate its effects. Every nation signed up to the treaty would be obliged to comply.

Prolonging the conflict in Ukraine delivers dire consequences on the feed and fuel front, which will increase our acceptance of more controls, pitched as necessary to resolve those self-inflicted problems. When Russia finally acquires the eastern Donbas, the Military Industrial Complex will find another nation to make war within.

Already, our freedom to cross borders has been curtailed by soaring costs, restrictions and conditions. Roads are intentionally made unfriendly to vehicles, thinking that congested traffic will deter people from using their cars. This paves the way for self-driving vehicles, subject to a higher command than just that of the passenger. Criticise the state or be an imperfect person in their eyes and your travel parameters can be reduced or cancelled, as is already the case in China.

Sure, our planet is in trouble from human abuse, and we need to address that. Across the world thousands of concerned groups are on it. For our rulers “saving the planet” has become another stick beating us into submission, wielded by an elite who travel in private jets and chill in luxury yachts. Plentiful people are not their concern.

If it ever reaches the point where we have given rights over our sacred body to a ruling authority, given them the power to monitor and control our every transaction, and accepted the ‘need’ to monitor the communications of one and all, then we will have sleep-walked into slavery.

We are not there yet, and even though all Covid-19 controls have been lifted in Britain, the wheels are grinding, with legislation and infrastructure still under construction to facilitate such overriding control.

It began with a mask, and acceptance of house arrest. How much further can it go? As far as we let it. At some point going back will be extremely difficult. It will already be difficult. What can be done?

The first thing to do is stop swallowing the fear bait and turn that wasted energy into positive resistance. Most importantly, focus on preventing this seizure of freedom from progressing further. The government is not your friend. If further anti-social measures are imposed or medical interventions urged, do not comply.

This is your life. Take responsibility for it.

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