A brief history

Gregory Sams was in the natural food business from 1967, when he and his brother Craig started "SEED" Restaurant in a Paddington basement, and introduced the late 60's generation to the novel notion that eating natural foods affected our health and well-being. This business grew, extended into other arenas, and eventually set the scene for Greg to develop and introduce, in 1982, the original VegeBurger - one of the most successful health food products ever launched. Greg came up with the name as his trademark for the product, chosen from a list including greenburger, earthburger, sesame burger, plantburger and other contenders. It took off instantly and the grocery trade suddenly realized that there was a market for vegetarian food products. "Vege" and "veggie" soon entered the language, as a prefix for all things vegetarian. And a whole lot of latent vegetarians came out of the closet.

The rest of the story:

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